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安装调试 Installation and Debugging
The supply of gas, electricity and temperature condition required by the CMM shall be settled by Party A in accordance of Party B’s requirements. Party A should pay for this.
2.乙方在合同生效时提供地基等设施条件文件,甲方根据乙方提供的地基、接地装置图纸,在发货前完成基础工程和机房配套电气设施。甲方收到货并具备安装条件后,提前7天通知乙方安排技术人员前往安装调试。乙方负责测量机就位和安装技术指导,进行测量机联机和精度调试。为使安装调试工作顺利进行, 甲方应在人员,时间和吊装运输设备方面给予合作,直至测量机验收交付。

Party B shall provide documents of facilities such as the found-base. Party A shall finish the foundation project and the electricity and gas facilities in machine room according to the found base and earthing drawings provided by Party B. After Party A receives the machine and has the condition of installation, it shall inform Party B 7 days in advance to send technicians to install and adjust the machines. Party B takes charge in the presence of the measurement machine, the technical guidance of installation, the connection of the machines and the precision debug. In order to carry out the work smoothly, Party A shall cooperate in terms of staff, time and hoisting transporters.

质保服务 Services

12 months guarantee free of charge after final acceptance, under regular service conditions. During this period, hardware damage caused by user’s personal mistake will be repaired only charging basis cost price. After that period, a long lasting pay service will be given. Supplier will connect with foreign merchant to solve the problem of import parts damage.
1. 用户在测量机发生故障时应及时详细告知故障情况。供货方接到通知后2小时做出反应。供货方有责任应用户要求在24小时内赶到用户现场负责处理。
When a fault happens to the CMM, a detailed fault condition should be provided by the user. Supplier will make reaction in 4 hours after receiving the trouble notice. Supplier has the duty of arriving to provide service at the user’s site in 24 hours.
2. 客户回访制度:在测量机投入使用后,公司工程师将不定期回访,以提供更多技术支持指导,使用户操作更加熟练,并正确对测量机做日常维护,延长测量机使用寿命
Customer care system: after the measuring machine is put into use, the company engineer will not visit regularly to provide more technical support guidance, use the user's operation more skillfully, and make the daily maintenance of the measuring machine and prolong the service life of the measuring machine.
3. 在线远程支持制度:公司建立在线远程支持制度,可对客户终生免费提供技术支持,编程指导,使客户获得更便捷服务
Online remote support system: the company establishes an online remote support system, which provides free technical support to customers for life, programming guidance, and enables customers to get more convenient services.
4. 供货方将以优惠价格向用户提供其它选加附件。
Supplier will provide user with other accessory options in a preferential price.

After the arrival of CMM, the supplier willgive the detailed list of dispatch and check the goods together with the user.After installation and metrology test, checking and accepting will be doneaccording to the method of CMM. Then after acceptance, the two sides signreceiving report together. A third party could be invited to do the checkingand accepting, and the user should pay the fee of that.



At the user’s site, checking and accepting ofCMM after debugging will be done according to the following methods.

Ⅰ、检定项目 Test Item :
A、外观及各部分相互作用 Appearance andinteraction between different parts
B、计算机系统、软件功能 Functions ofcomputer system and software
C、测量精度 Precision
Ⅱ、检定条件 Test Condition
A、测量机室的温度 Room Temperature: 20℃±2℃
B、测量机室的温度每小时变化 Change of RoomTemperature Per Hour:≤1℃
C、测量机在室内温度平衡的时间:48小时 Time for CMM’s Temperature Balance in The Room: 48 hours
D、测量机室的温度在一米的高度的差值  ThermalGradients Per Meter :≤0.5℃
E、量具在室内平衡时间 :24小时 Time for Measuring Tools Temperature Balance in The Room :24hours
F、仪器与标准器的温度的差 Temperature Difference between Instrument and Standard:≤0.5℃
G、室内相对湿度 Room RelativeHumidity:55%-65%。
H、电源电压变化 Change of Voltage:≤5%。
I、测量机室所在环境中无影响检定的震动 No Floor Vibration That Affects Testing in the Room
Ⅲ、检定方法 Test Method 
按中华人民共和国国家计量技术规范JJF 1064-2010进行。Test the machine according to JJF 1064-2010.

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